The objectives of BAM are:

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  • To assist the independent and dignified practice of microbiological profession.

  • To contribute in improving the level of professionalism in microbiological diagnostics in Bulgaria and to improve etiotropic therapy of infectious diseases.

  • To reach common ground while preserving the different perspectives in the name of the purity and prestige of microbiological profession for the benefit of its members and of all citizens;

  • BAM represents the proffesional interests of its members in BMA, the medical camera and in regards to all institutions and individuals in Bulgaria.


To achieve its objectives BAM:

  • Ensures the free discussion of all issues of etiotropic therapy and microbiological profession in an environment of tolerance, solidarity and respect for the views and opinions of every member.
  • Applies and demands high standards of professional activities in the medical, educational, research and other areas of microbiology and the fight against infectious diseases, matching European and world standards.
  • Requires of its members continuous improvement of professional knowledge and skills.
  • Accepts and monitors compliance with ethical standards of microbiological profession in accordance with the Medical Code of Ethics of the Bulgarian Medical Association.

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