BAM membership is voluntary. Members can be individuals or legal entities that accept the Charter and the purposes of the association and meet the conditions for membership.

BAM has five types of members:



                       - CANDIDATE-MEMBER

                                           - ASSOCIATED MEMBER

                                                               - MEMBER-CORRESPONDENT

                                                                                           - HONORARY MEMBER


Full member of BAM is medical doctor who has at least four years microbiological practice, who successfully finished needed trainings according to BAM's standards, is board certified in microbiology and has accreditation to exercise his profession or has academic, research or administrative position as a microbiologist which does not require such accreditation, and is actively practicing the profession.

Candidate-member of BAM is a doctor, specialist, clinical intern who is in training, but has not reached the requirements for full membership.

Associated member of BAM is any individual or legal entity that, through their professional activity, is associated with etiotropic therapy and microbiology. Associated members with full rights are individuals with master's degree in biology and with medical specialization in microbiology. Associated members are individuals with a master's degree in biology, molecular biology, microbiology, genetics or chemistry, who work in etiological laboratory diagnostics or clinical microbiology laboratory research.

Member-Correspondent of BAM is a person who meets the requirements for membership, but exercise their profession outside Bulgaria.

Honorary member of BAM is a doctor or other individual or legal entity with particularly significant contributions to solving the problems of anti-infectious therapy in the country, or in achieving Association's objectives.


Individuals that seek to become members of BAM should send written request, in which is stated that they acknowledge the Charter and the purposes of the organisation and they agree to work to achieve them, to the Management Board of the Association. The application shall be accompanied by recommendations from two full or honorary members of BAM.

Legal entities submit an application through their governing authorities and present a copy of their organization chart to the Management Board of the Association.


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