BAM's main activities are:

1. Encouraging and supporting the professional training of its members, research in the field of microbiology and information exchange.

2. Facilitating the access and spread of information about etiotropic therapy for specialists from other areas and for the public in general.

3. Expressing the opinion of the microbiologists' community in all matters determining government policy and legislation related to mental health and practice of microbiological profession.

4. Collabopration in accepting and application of the principles, proclaimed by United Nations, World Medical Association and World Microbiological Association regarding human rights, medical ethics and norms of microbiological proffesion, in the country.


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5. Representing the community of microbiologists at home and abroad. Developing mutually beneficial connections with related national and international professional and scientific organizations.

6. Achieving its objectives by providing cooperation and assistance to institutions and organizations in the country, while being in constant coordination and interaction with the Bulgarian Medical Association and other professional and humanitarian organizations.

7. Involvement in research, publishing, consulting, expert evaluation, education and training activities, health care for precise etiotropic therapy, distribution of professional literature, tools and other materials needed to achieve the objectives of the association, prevention and control of infectious diseases and other activities.

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